We here at KoLa Servers strive to give you the best gaming experience possible!

We organize this by most important to least important.

By playing on any of our servers and/or buying any products means you have accepted our Terms Of Service and our Privacy Policy.

Charge-back/return policy:

We do not offer returns or refunds, the only reason for this is because every donation helps our server afford better addons and weapons/models to bring you an amazing experience and we do this at the fastest pace possible, so when you pay we probably will put your money to good use pretty quickly.

Any charge-backs will lead to a permanent ban from our website, servers (old and future), and our discord server with no chance to try and appeal.

Threats against the server:

Any threats made against KoLa Servers and/or any servers we are hosting will result in an immediate ban, regardless of context or if it was a "Joke"


We do offer staff support in two ways,

1. We offer support to anyone who buys our products, we offer support to people if you don't receive your items (must show proof of purchase), or if you have any questions about the product you bought.

2. If a player is breaking any of our rules, or is doing something so absurd they should be punished for it, you can contact support either in-game or on our discord in the support channel!


Any severe punishments or bans can be appealed on our forums, we will not unban you if the ban reason is valid, you charged-back any orders from us, or/and if you have only been banned for a short amount of time and the reason is valid.