We here at KoLa Servers strive to give you the best gaming experience possible!

We also strive to keep all of your personal data safe and away from others, so here is what we do with the following info:

Credit/Debit Card Information:

We do not recieve any of this info whatsoever, once you click pay the purchase is sent to PayPal and only you, paypal, and your web browser can see this information as your web browser will probably only save it if you allow it to. We are not responsible for anything on Google, Safari, Firefox, or any other company we are not associated with does with your information.

Steam Information:

When it comes to SteamID's we know this particularly isn't considered private data, we still respect our users data nonetheless.

With SteamID's we store these both on our scp and gmod server, we use this to ban users, and that is particularly the only other time we will store your steamid on our servers themselves unless you are staff and that is explained more in depth below.

For staff members we have to keep SteamID's for situations like promotion, demotion, etc. We need this data to even mark you as staff on one of our servers.

IP Information:

When it comes to IP's we can understand anyone wanting to keep this data secure, and to ensure we do that. Only our management team is capable of viewing peoples ip's on our website and servers. We try to do everything we can on our servers to make sure this data stays protected as well as possible, it is only stored when you are connected to the server, once you disconnect all of the server data that isn't stored (and we don't store ip's unless you are permanently banned) gets dumped each day, so after a day you can be sure all of your data is gone, unless you have earned yourself a ban.